Officials tell feds: OR will 'continue to fight' for legal pot industry

Pennsylvania Regulators Remove Medical Marijuana Patient Registry from Police Database

Pennsylvania Regulators Remove Medical Marijuana Patient Registry from Police Database

While twenty-eight states have legalized some form of medical marijuana, the drug remains illegal under US federal law, therefore making the use of cannabis in any form still prohibited on LMU's campus.

In a letter sent to congressional leaders on Tuesday, attorneys general from 17 states, Washington D.C. and the US territory of Guam said they shared "a strong interest in protecting public safety and bringing grey market activities into the regulated banking sector".

"Any person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her state has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for medical prohibited by federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition", ATF spokeswoman Janice L. Kemp said in an email to The Associated Press. Tick Segerblom, allowed the state's 60 operating medical marijuana dispensaries to begin selling pot for recreational use on July 1 under an "early start" program. However, under the Controlled Substance Act and certain federal banking statutes, banks providing services to state-licensed cannabis businesses can be subject to criminal and civil liability, as the federal government classifies cannabis as an illegal substance.

"The U.S. attorney's office in CT will continue to prosecute violations of federal law consistent with priorities established by the Justice Department and our office".

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The marijuana industry in California is projected to reach $7 billion in the coming years, eclipsing the nation's entire legal cannabis market in 2016, which amounted to $6.6 billion.

"With all of the West Coast states having legalized adult-use cannabis, our organizations strongly believe that we must move towards a collaborative process to ensure that we maximize our political power, offer our members the most comprehensive benefits possible and stand together against existential federal threats", said Margolis. Some congressional Republicans in states that have legalized marijuana reacted in anger to the policy change, with Sen. The legalization of recreational marijuana in the Garden State has been projected to generate as much as $300 million in sales tax revenue for New Jersey.

( Attorney General Jeff Sessions kicked off 2018 by launching his attempt to reignite the war on drugs - not against opioid abuse but against marijuana. Hoffman acknowledged he can't guarantee federal law enforcers won't target investors in planned marijuana dispensaries or banks that want to accept dispensary deposits. Businesses are forced to operate on a cash basis. However, it does return to federal law enforcement officers (i.e., the DEA) the discretion to enforce the law, as it is written, anywhere in the United States. "Moreover, compliance with tax requirements would be simpler and easier to enforce with a better-defined tracking of funds", the letter states. They included preventing the following: distribution of marijuana to minors; marijuana revenues "from going to criminal enterprises, gangs, and cartels;" diversion of marijuana from states where it is legal to other states; violence and use of firearms; and drugged driving and "other adverse public health consequences".

"Our banking system must be flexible enough to address the needs of businesses in the various states, with state input, while protecting the interests of the federal government", they said.

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