Plucky nurse's flu video goes viral

A cesspool of funky flu: ER nurse goes on epic rant about flu season

A cesspool of funky flu: ER nurse goes on epic rant about flu season

While some people see the video as a rant about poor hygiene, Lockler says she saw it as a plea, for people to make better choices.

The video features Katherine Lockler in the front seat of her auto coming off of a 12-hour shift at the hospital where she works.

Since she posted the video to her Facebook page almost a week ago, Lockler has become a viral video star. "Please don't bring your healthy children - especially your newborn babies - into the emergency room".

"There is a cesspool of funky flu at the E.R. right now", she said, requesting people to not come to the emergency room if they necessarily don't need to, especially to visit others. "My hands didn't because it's unbelievable to watch how many people come through the emergency room, sneeze in their hand and I watch". Lockler speaks to her audience in an upbeat, animated tone that veers between sarcasm and a mother lecturing a small child.

"Watch this, I'm gonna teach y'all a magic trick, its incredible!"

"There's a cesspool of funky flu at the ER right now", Lockler said. For another LOL, she repeats the whole thing in slow motion.

During the video Lockler gives a demonstration on how to properly sneeze so that germs don't spread.

"It's killed some people", she said.

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She added that between 25 to 30 patients are sitting for hours in the emergency waiting rooms.

It continues, "Please sign this petition if you support ER Nurses and staff and the spreading of education during this frightful flu season". Her reasoning? If you go in there for one ailment, you'll probably catch another, namely the flu. Five flus came in, 15 flus walk out.

Emergency rooms throughout the country and in the greater New Orleans area have been overwhelmed with flu patients.

"Not taking advice (which I already know) from someone that is talking to the general public like we are all 5 years old", someone commented on her Facebook thread, leading to its own retort from another viewer: "The general public acts like they're 5". By going to the hospital, they're exposing themselves to the flu.

She told the Pensacola News Journal that the video was meant to send a message from a health care professional's perspective. "I tend to be sarcastic in all my speaking, but if it's taken wrong I would definitely apologize to that group that misheard my message because of my tone".

It's been a record-setting flu season in Northwest Florida and no one's too happy about it.

The nurse from Milton in Santa Rosa County has received hundreds of messages from around the world and she's still shocked as the number climbs. "We're putting ourselves into the thick of some nasty germs to help".

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