Some breast cancer treatments may impact heart function

The disease is the third most fatal form of cancer but treatments and research are “lagging beind” breast cancer

The disease is the third most fatal form of cancer but treatments and research are “lagging beind” breast cancer

"The statement really is there to provide a concise document for the medical community on the overlap between heart disease and breast cancer in terms of risk factors, in terms of the treatment and preventative therapies", she said. But for patients who are obese, smoke and have high cholesterol or blood pressure - or those already diagnosed with heart disease - the risk is even greater.

Prostate Cancer UK said the number of men dying from prostate cancer every year has overtaken the number of women dying from breast cancer, with 11,819 men now dying from prostate cancer in the UK every year - the equivalent of one man every 45 minutes.

During cancer treatments, patients should pay attention not only to their breast health, but also to their general health, including their heart, said Dr. Mehta, who is director of the Women's Cardiovascular Health Program and an associate professor of medicine at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

The most important thing to recognize, Mehta and co-authors wrote, is that though heart disease and cancer share a handful of risk factors, most of those risks can be reduced through self-care.

LeBaron, who was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy after completing her cancer treatment and in later years found her left ventricle pumping capacity was 25 percent or less, said she was told her heart damage was due to the treatments.

The AHA notes that not all breast cancer therapies pose heart risks, therefore, it urges women to carefully assess the risks and benefits of any potential treatment they are considering.

An estimated 47 million women in the US have heart disease.

Results of a randomized trial of 537 patients newly diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer were published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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Chief Executive of Prostate Cancer UK Angela Culhane praised as "incredibly encouraging. the tremendous progress that has been made in breast cancer over recent years", but added that "with half the investment and half the research it's not surprising that progress in prostate cancer is lagging behind". In some cases, pre-existing heart conditions may guide the course of cancer care, or cancer therapy may adversely affect the heart and necessitate changes in treatment plans.

Some breast therapies can damage the heart, the American Heart Association has warned.

The NHS explains on its website that a man's age increases his risk of this type of cancer.

"Adriamycin-induced congestive heart failure symptoms can show up three to five years after treatment and easily be missed by an internist or ER doctor who does not see a lot of these patients", he said.

The anthracycline class of chemotherapeutic drugs can trigger abnormal heart rhythms, which may be benign or potentially life-threatening. Live Science says when the prostate cancer appears in younger men it can be much more aggressive.

According to the charity, the number of women dying from breast cancer has been steadily decreasing since 1999, but the same downward death trend has not been observed for prostate cancer.

"Oncologists are doing a terrific job of increasing survival rates by advancing the science and improving cancer treatments".

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