Rouhani hits out at United States over 'N-plan'

US 'shamelessly threatening Russia with atomic weapon', says Iran's Rouhani

US 'shamelessly threatening Russia with atomic weapon', says Iran's Rouhani

Tehran accused Washington of flexing its muscles and threatening Russian Federation with new atomic weapons after the Trump administration published a document suggesting an antagonistic stance against Moscow over nuclear proliferation.

Asked whether the two new nuclear weapons are needed to deter Russia, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said February 2, "We are deterring nations that have spoken about using nuclear weapons".

Rouhani, formerly a moderate cleric who was a key force behind Iran's successful nuclear deal in 2015, said such developments would also force Tehran to boost its own capabilities in order to counterbalance the threats that his country faces.

Zarif charged that "the revision of the 2018 nuclear strategy" by the United States will bring humankind's annihilation closer.

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono has reportedly welcomed Washington's release of a new " on Friday that outlines plans to upgrade America's nuclear arsenal.

"The biggest difference relates to the supposed role of nuclear weapons in American military strategy", Michael Klare, an expert at the Arms Control Association, told Xinhua.

US 'shamelessly threatening Russia with atomic weapon', says Iran's Rouhani
Iran: US threatening Russia with new nuclear weapons

China on February 4 criticized the USA government for portraying Beijing as a potential nuclear adversary after the nuclear-policy review said Washington wanted to prevent Beijing from mistakenly concluding that any use of nuclear weapons, however limited, is acceptable. It pledged never to be the first to use nuclear weapons "under any circumstances".

German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said the USA decision showed "the spiral of a new nuclear arms race is already under way" and added that Europe was, much like during the cold war, especially vulnerable.

The U.S. government says it has been in compliance since August and expects Moscow to comply by the deadline, which is Monday.

"We hope that the United States will abandon its Cold War mentality, earnestly assume its special disarmament responsibilities, correctly understand China's strategic intentions and objectively view China's national defence and military build-up", its statement said.

"In the Trump NPR, nuclear munitions are viewed as playing a significant and growing role in US military strategy, and so their numbers and types should be increased to make this possible", the expert said. "Trump's obduracy in killing the #JCPOA stems from the same unsafe imprudence", wrote Zarif, who was the chief negotiator in the discussions between Iran and global powers.

"The document's statement that Russia allegedly refuses to further reduce its nuclear capabilities is yet another example of the blatant "falsification", the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

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