United States intel chief: Russian Federation will target 2018 U.S. midterm elections

China carrying out well orchestrated strategy to replace US as global power

China carrying out well orchestrated strategy to replace US as global power

Mark Warner, D-Va. "What we are seeing is a continuous assault by Russian Federation to target and undermine our democratic institutions, and they are going to keep coming at us".

The director said Russia sees past actions against the United States as successful and that it views the 2018 USA midterm elections as a potential target for Russian influence operations.

"There should be no doubt that Russia perceives its past efforts as successful and views the 2018 U.S. midterm elections as a potential target for Russian influence operations".

- Intelligence indicates Russian Federation is specifically targeting the 2018 elections, Pompeo said.

"We have seen Russian activity and intentions to have an impact on the next election cycle here", Pompeo testified before the Senate intelligence committee. Coats backed up the statement. "Russia probably will be the most capable and aggressive source of this threat in 2018".

He said that from the business world to local governments, the U.S.is "threatened by cyberattacks every day" by using elections as an opportunity to "sow discord and undermine our values".

"I would respectfully disagree", Risch said. Max Bergmann, the head the Moscow Project for the Center for American Progress, told me "our democracy was attacked in 2016, and the intelligence community just unanimously told us that the Russians plan to do it again in the 2018 elections". Bogus gay and gun rights organizations, and even a phony dog lovers group, all went to war online - with social media posts often amplified by Russian cyberbots. The American people are smart people.

Coats went on to say terrorists have also been taking part in cyber warfare overseas, and mentioned ISIS has been using chemical attacks in Syria. But he did not say that Trump has specifically directed the agency to prevent Russian interference.

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Coats said the government's ability to force changes at social media companies, which have come under scrutiny over the spread of false information, is limited. We have no doctrine of deterrence.

- Coats also took a swipe at Trump and Congress over the national debt. "And I think there needs to be a national cry for that".

Senator Heinrich has led bipartisan efforts to strengthen election cybersecurity in America and protect against foreign threats.

The leaders of the USA intelligence community gave bleak evidence on Tuesday about the ongoing threat Russian Federation poses to Western democracies - among many other threats around the world. He said that the regime has stated it does not "intend to negotiate nuclear weapons away" which they deem critical to its security.

The New York Times and The Intercept reported last week that intelligence officials agreed a year ago to pay hackers over a $1 million in order to obtain information that was said to include compromising information on Trump.

Pompeo conceded that some effort was undertaken to reacquire the pilfered material.

"The suggestion the Central Intelligence Agency was swindled is false", he said. In claiming that the bureau had not concluded its inquiry into Porter's past, the White House "has sought to shift the focus away from its handling of domestic-abuse allegations against Mr". Wray said that while there was a limit to what he can say about the content of Porter's background investigation, he said he was confident the FBI followed "established protocols" when conducting the background investigation.

"We had then, and we continue to have now "grave concerns" about the accuracy of the memo because of omissions", Wray explained.

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