Free flu vaccines offered by state; first clinic today in Whitehall

Medical experts warn about new flu strain emerging

Medical experts warn about new flu strain emerging

Solomon believes that everyone should get the flu shot, according to the CDC.

"In severe seasons in the past over 700,000 people have been hospitalized and 56,000 people died from influenza".

Other than washing your hands, and cleaning surfaces, medical experts say it's still not too late to get that flu shot.

The vaccine worked relatively well in young children, but it performed worse in older people, including seniors who are most vulnerable.

This year's surging flu numbers are attributed to the strain H3N2, which doctors say is vaccine-resistant.

Effectiveness was rated at 67 percent for H1N1 and 42 percent for influenza B strains. That ties the highest level seen in the USA during swine flu in 2009. Typically the very old, very young, and immuno-compromised are hit hardest by the flu. "Everybody should get a vaccine because even when it doesn't work great, it's still a preventative", Solomon said.

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Scully said the child was a student at Golden Hill Elementary School and said additional counseling staff were assigned to the school Tuesday morning and would be on call throughout the rest of the week. Immune responses differ by age, and previous infection or vaccination history can affect vaccine protection. Each year, they're prepared for when flu season rolls around. What happened during the 2012-13 and 2014-15 seasons could be an indication of how this one will go, the CDC said.

State officials said there have been 77 total flu-related causes in the period up to February 3, bringing the season's total to 63. "If 50 percent of the population were protected, one way or another, we could essentially prevent an influenza epidemic", he said. In addition, the proportion of individuals visiting outpatient health care providers for influenza-like illness rose to 7.7%, a level last achieved during the flu pandemic of 2009. But if you've stopped by the facility recently, the first thing you'd see is a sign saying "stop", warning all who aren't feeling well to stay away.

For Thursday's report, they looked at the cases of 4,562 kids and adults who showed up with flu-like illness at the five sites.

The hospital paired flu patients in double rooms and used beds in specialty areas of the hospitals to accommodate the overload, Dr. Valenti said.

Flu remained widespread in every state except OR and Hawaii, the same as the week before.

Based on current trends, the number of child deaths could exceed the 148 reported for the especially severe 2014-2015 season, when the same strain was dominant and the vaccine's poor match resulted in overall effectiveness of 19 percent.

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