Net Neutrality Challenges Roll In After Rule Publication

Net neutrality-ending legislation is expected to be published on Thursday

Net neutrality-ending legislation is expected to be published on Thursday

Proponents of net neutrality protest against Federal Communication Commission Chairman Ajit Pai outside the American Enterprise Institute before his arrival May 5, 2017 in Washington, DC.

"Today marks another milestone in the Trump Administration's attack on the free and open internet", Doyle said. The Republican-led agency narrowly passed the repeal in December by a vote of 3-2. For now, the major Internet service providers have said they have no plans to block or throttle traffic. "The FCC's rule fails to justify the Commission's departure from its long-standing policy and practice of defending net neutrality, while misinterpreting and disregarding critical record evidence on industry practices and harm to consumers and businesses". Net neutrality forced carriers and ISPs to treat all content the same.

The formal publication in the Federal Register means state attorneys general and advocacy groups could file suits to block the order from taking effect.

As we saw in previous iterations of this document and its rulings, the current FCC's promoters of this destruction of net neutrality do not intend on presenting any document with unbiased wording.

Even though many people agreed with the basic premise of net neutrality, the FCC's rules became a lightning rod for controversy because they placed broadband providers under the same strict regulations that govern telephone networks.

The repeal of the net neutrality rules was a victory for internet service providers such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, conferring power over what content consumers can access.

At the top of Net-neutrality supporters' wish list: passage of a Congressional Review Act measure to reinstate the original rules.

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The February day of action has been dubbed "Operation One More Vote".

To drum up public support for a vote, Sens. Congress has exclusive authority to regulate interstate commerce, which is the basis of the FCC's legal argument. Senator Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) said Thursday he is pressing forward with a resolution to scrap the FCC's recent move. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) and Angus King (Maine) and Republican Susan Collins (Maine). House Democrats have already put forward a bill using the CRA, a little-known piece of legislation that up to now, had nearly exclusively been used by Republicans to overturn federal rules put in place by the Obama administration.

"I will continue to fight aggressively to stop the FCC's blatant, un-American attack on a free and open internet". Republicans, who support states right and have opposed net neutrality, could soon find themselves in a position where states rights are working in favor of an issue they oppose.

While the rule is published today, it doesn't take effect quite yet.

Those who consider these new regulations too lax are looking beyond Congress for remedies.

The order, which was published this morning in the Federal Register, starts the clock on legal and legislative efforts to overturn it.

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