Infowars YouTube account is two strikes away from a ban

Parkland students come under attack for their outspokenness

Parkland students come under attack for their outspokenness

Unsurprisingly, InfoWars is describing YouTube's actions as censorship, but there's a more pressing concern for The Alex Jones Channel and other InfoWars channels - they run the risk of being closed down entirely. And a YouTube spokesperson told CNN, "Last summer we updated the application of our harassment policy to include hoax videos that target the victims of these tragedies".

The video - titled "David Hogg can't remember his lines in TV interview" - was removed by YouTube for breaching its policies on bullying and harassment.

President Trump appeared on Mr. Jones' show in 2015, and former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone co-hosts "War Room", a program produced under the same InfoWars umbrella. More recently, though, the phrase has been co-opted by conspiracy theorists who claim mass shootings are events staged to achieve a political goal. With 2.2 million subscribers, any limitations placed on the channel would have a big impact.

Other survivors have been the subject of conspiracy theories claiming they are "crisis actors" simply pretending to have been caught up in the deadly violence at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

Mr Hogg was forced to defend himself on CNN after a tweet about the conspiracy theory was "liked" by Donald Trump Jr.

The crisis actor conspiracy gained traction on Facebook this week.

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The now-deleted controversial video that prompted YouTube to apologize was uploaded by a user named Mike M. and resurfaces content from the video Hogg filmed during the lifeguard confrontation, Fox News noted.

Hogg addressed the conspiracies during an interview with CNN.

Earlier in the week, YouTube condemned a similar video branding Mr Hogg a crisis actor - one of its most popular videose. "I was a witness to this", he said.

"You've got scripted anti-gun kids with their parents on TV, young adults, high schoolers, high school seniors, and I can't say, look at this bumbling, scripted interview?"

YouTube, Alex Jones and Infowars didn't immediately return messages seeking comment.

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