Kelly: I have 'nothing to even consider resigning over'

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told reporters he

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told reporters he"noticed there were going to be security clearance issues among President Trump's aides after join the White House last summer

Kelly told reporters he first learned of the allegations against Porter on February 6, after inquiries from journalists.

"I have absolutely nothing to even consider resigning over", he said, insisting he didn't know details of the allegations against Porter until the day he was sacked.

"The accusation was late in the afternoon, and it was simply one of his two former wives had - this was coming from the press - one of you had asked Sarah". He said Porter had "presented himself as the ultimate gentleman" while he worked at the White House.

The press demanded to know how the White House could continue to employ Porter with these accusations hanging over him.

He said that he spoke to Porter after the second allegation and insisted that at this point, Porter had "already resigned". Porter resigned before the photograph emerged. The agent referred questions to White House Management and Administration staffer Monica Block. Kelly said Willoughby had "made no mention of any type of physical abuse".

Scaramucci also referred to Kelly as "General Jackass". "I never saw him mad or abusive in anyway", Kelly told reporters Friday. At that point, there had been no resignation announcement from the White House.

According to Bloomberg, Scaramucci, who lasted 10 days as the White House's communications director before he was unceremoniously fired by John Kelly, is on an "administrative exclusion list", meaning he's not allowed to visit the White House unless he receives special approval.

The news website Axios reported that Kelly pressed Porter to stay on in his role.

More than 30 aides had their clearances reduced from top secret to secret last week after Kelly’s review
More than 30 aides had their clearances reduced from top secret to secret last week after Kelly’s review

"Well, if you look specifically about Rob, the first I heard of a serious accusation against him was on the 6th of February", Kelly said. The story was that a wife had claimed that she had had some level of emotional abuse.

He only further muddied the waters Friday surrounding the former staff secretary's departure by saying the internal "mix-up" came the next day (Feb. 7).

But a source inside the White House told CNN when the scandal broke that White House counsel Don McGahn, Kelly and deputy chief of staff Joe Hagin were also made aware of the domestic issues in November, the source said.

Porter was among around 100 staffers working with an interim clearance when he stepped down.

Kelly was Trump's first homeland security secretary and remained in the job for six months before Trump tapped him to replace Reince Priebus at the White House.

The security office then asked for more information, which the Federal Bureau of Investigation then sent back in November, Kelly added.

Painting a picture of a neophyte staff of outsiders, unfamiliar with Washington and learning how to run the world's pre-eminent superpower, Kelly said he moved to bring habits in line with the Pentagon and military, where he served for decades. Anderson, the Federal Bureau of Investigation director, Christopher Wray, testified just recently that they delivered a completed Federal Bureau of Investigation background check to the White House security office in July of past year.

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