Lawsuit: YouTube divisions job postings exclude white and Asian men

NATION-NOW     Google engineer says he was fired for fighting racism sexism     
       Google engineer says he was fired for fighting racism sexism

NATION-NOW Google engineer says he was fired for fighting racism sexism Google engineer says he was fired for fighting racism sexism

Google has been sued by a former YouTube employee for allegedly pressuring recruiters to only look for female and Latina applicants and that the video-sharing platform had a year ago stopped hiring White and Asian males for technical positions.

Google fired him for complaining about the company's hiring, though he was "an exemplary employee", according to the lawsuit filed in San Mateo County Superior Court.

A former YouTube employee has filed a discrimination suit against the world's largest video site, alleging that its policy was to hire zero white or Asian men for tech positions.

Google, on the other hand, completely rejected the claims, and says that their hiring policy strongly considers the merit of the candidate over the identities. "At the same time, we unapologetically try to find a diverse pool of qualified candidates for open roles, as this helps us hire the best people, improve our culture, and build better products". Thursday, Arne Wilberg, a former technical recruiter in Google's YouTube unit, filed suit, alleging that YouTube illegally used quotas as recently as previous year in an attempt to hire more black, Latinx, and female engineers. Wilberg also alleged that late previous year, management deleted emails and other digital records of diversity requirements.

Arne Wilberg worked at Google for almost a decade.

Ever since Google released its first transparency report in 2014, the company's efforts to diversify its overwhelmingly male, white, and Asian workforce have been criticized as too little and too late for a company founded in 1998.

The complaint contends that in response to Wilberg's efforts to challenge the diversity scheme, Google "on occasion would circulate emails instructing its employees purge any and all references to the race/ gender quotas from its e-mail database in a transparent effort to wipe out any paper trail of Google's illegal practices".

The problem is that mandatory quotas based on gender or ethnicity may violate U.S. anti-discrimination laws, depending on how they're implemented.

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The complaint cited Google policy documents from 2017 that demand diversity in hiring goals.

According to the lawsuit, Wilberg's attempt to raise the issue of quotas did not go unnoticed.

One person, referring to the initiative, reportedly "complained that managers were speaking about blacks like they were objects".

USA companies from beer brewer MillerCoors to candymaker Hershey Co., which use aluminum for manufacturing and packaging, said operations would be hurt by the tariffs. When Wilberg did not adhere to those rules, his performance reviews suffered, he alleges.

In January a woman named Heidi Lamar sued the company on charges that women working as preschool teachers in Google's child care center were paid lower salaries than male counterparts who had fewer qualifications.

All of this might come as a shock to anyone who hasn't been paying attention to the firing of Google engineer James Damore past year.

The company also "had a practice of systematically discriminating against older engineers in its hiring practices", the suit says.

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