Putin heaps praise on Trump, pans USA politics

Alexei Nikolsky  Russian Presidential Press and Information Office  TASS

Alexei Nikolsky Russian Presidential Press and Information Office TASS

"If we achieve this. then, without a doubt, Russian Federation will retain its status a great power, including the defense capability of the state", Putin said in the documentary film "World Order 2018" by journalist Vladimir Solovyev.

He said he told her and the wife of the Italian prime minister "about Siberia and Kamchatka, about fishing ... about bears on Kamchatka and tigers in the Far East".

He said Western sanctions for Moscow's annexation of Crimea and the insurgency in eastern Ukraine were part of "illegitimate and unfair" efforts to contain Russian Federation, but added that "we will win in the long run".

"Some numbers [of Russians] were to be exterminated and some other numbers would be used as laborers at assigned works, and those whom the Germans couldn't use as slaves would be resettled to the extreme North", Putin said.

Putin did not have the same admiration for the U.S. political system, however, which he said has "demonstrated its ineffciency and is eating itself up".

"It's quite hard to interact with such a system, because it's unpredictable", Mr Putin said. He said that when the two sat next to each other at the G20 summit in Hamburg last summer, they talked about wildlife and fishing in Russian Federation.

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Relations between the two Cold War-foes have been frosty after the United States intelligence community said Moscow interfered in the 2016 presidential election, and a number of congressional panels have launched probes into whether Trump campaign associates helped.

With nuclear tensions at a high between Russian Federation and the West, Vladimir Putin has said that he is willing to destroy the world - but only if Russian Federation is threatened.

The former KGB agent promised he hadn't tried to "turn" Melania Trump, "no, I stopped doing that a long time ago".

Russian Federation has previously denied any involvement in the incident, while Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Britrain would respond "robustly" if Moscow was found to be involved.

"Yes, it will mean a global catastrophe for mankind, for the entire world. But as a citizen of Russia and the head of the Russian state, I would ask: What is such a world for, if there were no Russia?"

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