Japanese PM Urges North Korea to Commit to Denuclearization

Kim Jong Un Wants a Peace Treaty With Donald Trump

Kim Jong Un Wants a Peace Treaty With Donald Trump

Xi praised Chung for achieving "positive results" and added that China "actively supports" improving relations between the two Koreas as well as dialogue between the USA and North Korea.

He returned on Sunday from a visit to the United States, where an invitation was delivered to President Donald Trump from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, for dialogue on the latter's nuclear program. "I would say just remain patient and we'll see what happens".

The South claims the North is willing to discuss denuclearization, but it likely will only do so on terms the US should never accept. Kim may offer to give up his nukes for USA forces' pullout from South Korea and a signed peace treaty.

What does North Korea want?

China's warm welcome to Chung, which contrasts starkly with the lackluster protocol during Moon's own visit in December previous year, reflects an increasing sense of unease in Beijing over the U.S.

This opening comes from the initiative of South Korea's president, Moon Jae-in, who has worked tirelessly to lessen tensions between North and South and to broker a meeting with USA and North Korean officials. -South Korean military exercises unilaterally, as a gesture of good will before the talks.

Tillerson says many steps must occur before the meeting between Trump and Kim.

A Korean People's Army soldier stands before the joint security area and Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea, in Panmunjom, Nov. 30, 2016.

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Abe expressed support for talks with North Korea on condition that they are aimed at making Pyongyang give up its nuclear ambitions.

"He has dealt with North Korea's nuclear program under the Obama administration and is one of those who understand North Korea well", he said.

He said that no venue for the meeting had been agreed upon.

Chung also told Xi that China's stance that the North Korean nuclear crisis must be resolved primarily between the North and the United States contributed greatly to arranging the Kim-Trump summit.

"We have not seen nor received an official response from the North Korean regime regarding the North Korea-US summit", Ministry of Unification spokesman Baik Tae Hyun told a regular news conference.

Victor Cha, who served as US President George W. Bush's top adviser on North Korean affairs, was considered to be the next US ambassador to South Korea, but was withdrawn from nomination reportedly due to policy differences. One caveat - Kim is not known to have travelled outside North Korea since he took office in 2011.

Kim has pushed his isolated nation closer to having a nuclear-tipped missile that can strike the USA mainland.

Trump's aides have been wary of North Korea's diplomatic overtures because of its history of reneging on worldwide commitments and the failure of efforts on disarmament by previous United States administrations.

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