Deviljho DLC Release Date, Spring Festival, Mega Man Crossover Announced

Monster Hunter World Adding Mega Man Palico Gear April 13

Monster Hunter World Adding Mega Man Palico Gear April 13

Capcom has now confirmed the monster will come to the game on March 22nd.

In addition to the game's first big update next week, which adds the returning monster Deviljho and makes an assortment of balance changes to nearly every weapon type, players have a few new events to look forward to in the near future. We have yet to receive more info if it has anything more to offer.

Monster Hunter: World is getting its first seasonal event called the "Astera Festival" (Spring Blossom Fest) that will arrive on April 6 along with a quest to get a community created weapon.

Meanwhile, the Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Event will run from April 6-19.

The weapon design contest victor will also be distributed with an event quest from April 6th to April 20th. Check out how it looks in-game, as well as concept renders.

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Also on the topic of weapons, the upcoming March 22 title update will bring to the table a number of tweaks, adjustments and bug fixes to most weapon types. And the Spring Blossom Fest which is a festival for players to take part in which will also involve a lot of monster hunting.

We'll be sharing a more comprehensive list when the title update goes live. Capcom hasn't shared any details yet about what the quest will entail, but it will be available from April 13-27 and reward players with tickets to craft the voxel-style gear for their Palico; when equipped, it will play different classic Mega Man tunes depending on what weapon you're using.

Here's how this works: the character edit voucher is a paid item, but you'll actually be given one for free on March 16.

The new feature finally allows you to change your character appearance after character generation, meaning if you're unhappy with how your hunter looks you can make some changes even if you're in the late-game - no need to restart.

Added "Return to Gathering Hub" (single player) and "Disband & Return to Gathering Hub" (multiplayer) to the options for "Select Return Destination" after a quest has been completed.

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