United States tariff plan could benefit 'Made in Taiwan' products: scholars

China eyes measures against US imports to balance tariffs on steel, aluminium

China eyes measures against US imports to balance tariffs on steel, aluminium

The Trump administration's proposed tariffs on goods from China may include home textiles, according to an alert from the Home Fashion Product Association's (HFPA) legal counsel.

China's government slammed President Donald Trump on Friday for a "reckless" threat to impose tens of billions of dollars in import tariffs, as global stock markets slid on fears that this could be the start of a wider trade war.

"Reports indicate that "apparel" and "textiles" will be on the list, but there has been nothing more specific than that to date", HPFA counsel Robert Leo noted in an email to association members yesterday afternoon.

Markets will be watching to see whether the fracas escalates to include bigger-ticket items like massive United States sales of aircraft and soybeans to China, Zhang said.

The US claims under the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS Agreement) relate to China's discrimination against foreign intellectual property rights holders (Article 3) and failure to ensure patent rights for foreign patent holders (Article 28). The statement said businesses and other parties had until March 31 to submit views about the retaliatory tariffs, meaning they would take effect only after that date.

There is a chance select product categories could get exempted from the tariffs.

On Thursday, the Trump administration declared the talk approach a failure, noting that the USA trade deficit in goods with China past year hit a record $375 billion.

The list noticeably does not include soybeans, a key U.S. export from Trump-voting states that Chinese state-run newspaper the Global Times had suggested should be targeted by Beijing. A probe was launched a year ago under Section 301 of the 1974 US Trade Act.

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The White House is not formally acknowledging the veracity of the presidential guidance first reported by The Washington Post . Marco Rubio called the leak a "bigger outrage" than Trump's congratulations for Putin.

"China hopes the United States will pull back from the brink, make prudent decisions, and avoid dragging bilateral trade relations to a risky place".

The stakes are high: China is America's largest trading partner.

China today warned the United States that it was not afraid of a trade war as it threatened tariffs on 3 billion dollars worth of U.S. goods in retaliation over the USA measures.

The gains to the USA economy aren't limited to Silicon Valley. -China trade war ranked as the most-read topic on Friday. Some said they could find alternatives from Australia and Europe, with at least one saying the tariffs could be good for China's own growers.

Beijing says the new law is meant to strengthen the protection of personal information and combat online fraud. Chinese President Xi Jinping sent two high-level envoys to Washington last month, but neither managed to resolve the situation, he pointed out.

By including the WTO in its framework, the Trump administration is still working through established channels.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and IBM Corp chairwoman and CEO Ginny Rometty are scheduled to attend the China Development Forum, an annual gathering that helps Western corporations build relationships with Chinese government officials.

These fruits and nuts are part of a list of 128 USA products that could be hit with tariffs if the two countries fail to agree on trade issues, China's Ministry of Commerce said.

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