China to step up actions against United States in South China Sea: scholar

French Navy Frigate Conducts FONOP in South China Sea 2

French Navy Frigate Conducts FONOP in South China Sea 2

For the U.S. such a sail is Freedom of Navigation operations.

According to United States official, this move was to counter Beijing's strategy of limiting navigation in the strategic waters like the South China Sea.

Beijing demands an end to U.S. "provocations actions which violate the sovereignty of the People's Republic and pose a serious threat to its security, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said in Beijing".

In October 2017, the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Chafee also sailed close to the Paracels, provoking a stern reaction from the Chinese Defense Ministry.

"We ask the respect the sovereignty and security of China, respect the will of countries in the region, who want peace, stability and tranquility, and not to make trouble out of nothing", he said, adding that further "provocation would only drive the Chinese military to continue to improve its defense capabilities".

The U.S. has repeatedly objected to Beijing's expansion in the region and its building of artificial islands with military facilities, and insisted on freedom of navigation in the South China Sea's waters.

Earlier this year, Britain said one of its warships would pass through the South China Sea to assert freedom-of-navigation rights.

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The US military put countering China and Russian Federation at the center of a new national defense strategy recently unveiled.

The Spanish operator has been told by state-owned PetroVietnam to suspend the field scheme - translated as Red Emperor - off the country's south-east coast just as it was about to mobilise a rig to kick off commercial drilling work, the BBC reported, citing a well-placed industry source.

It said that the situation in the waterway had stabilized thanks to the efforts of China and Southeast Asia countries, but warned that the US insistence "on provoking incidents" and "creating tensions" in the South China Sea "runs counter to the desire of regional countries to seek stability, while promoting cooperation and development".

This story was first published on, "US destroyer sails close to contested island in South China Sea".

In related news, the Chinese Navy said, via the military's official newspaper, on Friday that it is preparing to carry out combat drills in the South China Sea. Although the aircraft carrier was within the disputed stretch of the sea, the Taiwanese authorities did not raise a hue and cry about it because they thought it was part of China's annual drills. However, a majority of the sea is claimed by China - an area which acts as a key trade route as well as is believed to hold large quantities of oil and natural gas.

China could adopt a stronger approach should such an event occur again, Li argued, describing the tensions between the two countries in the South China Sea as bordering on "extreme danger".

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