New NFL rule prohibiting helmet contact dubbed a 'significant change'

Riveron: Two Eagles Touchdowns In Super Bowl LII Were Ruled 'Differently' From Regular Season

Riveron: Two Eagles Touchdowns In Super Bowl LII Were Ruled 'Differently' From Regular Season

League owners on Tuesday morning unanimously voted in favour of a replacement catch rule, proposed by the league's competition committee.

Overall concussions were up past year, too.Yet this measure came out of nowhere when compared to the typical chatter that surrounds significant rules changes in the NFL. Of course, if you look at the criteria, this is essentially the original catch rule.

The seemingly endless string of catching controversies led commissioner Roger Goodell to vow to make revamping the rule a top priority for the league.

The NFL 's new rule outlawing a player from lowering his head to initially make any sort of hit with his helmet likely will be included in replay reviews for officials.

The league announced in January that, according to its preliminary injury data, concussions suffered by players increased by almost 16 percent last season over the 2016 season.

What's ball-tampering and why it is considered a serious offence?
The Australian Cricket team, that is no new to controversies, has landed themselves in yet another scandal. When games are evenly matched, small gains from cheating can be enough to swing the result one way.

There have been several more rule adjustments made so far this offseason to provide a more smooth and safer style of play on the field. After review, officials decided that this was not a touchdown and the Lions lost the game. By ruling this play incomplete, the Cowboys turned the ball over on downs, and the Green Bay offense took care of the rest to eliminate Dallas. In both cases, the ball moved a bit in the receiver's hands. "The ball moved but he had complete control over the ball through the process of the catch". The play was under significant heat because he was able to take multiple steps before going to the ground. Even players, whom the league typically consults during meetings including the players' union while in the process of considering rules changes, seem confused.Richard Sherman, in a text to USA TODAY Sports' Mike Jones, seemed like he was addressing a targeting rule when slamming the rule as "ridiculous."Like telling a driver if you touch the lane lines, you're getting a ticket", Sherman texted". That did little to make the rule simpler to understand.

So under the new "catch rule", this week 15 play in Pittsburg during the Patriots and Steelers game. The explanation that James had not done a "football move" before landing in the end zone proved frustrating, especially since it cost Pittsburgh a touchdown and the inside track to home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

In hopes of clarifying what has consistently been one of the most frustrating issues on the field, the league announced Tuesday that it had redefined, and hopefully simplified, what constitutes a catch.

So you can now rest easy, Cleveland Browns fans. Maybe", Riveron said. "We want to make these catches, catches.

With the rule now including the extension of a football as part of the catch rule, prepared defenses will have more opportunities to force a fumble.

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