Retired Supreme Court justice urges repeal of Second Amendment

Larry King Repeal 2nd Amendment ... It Was Passed to Fight Off Slaves

Larry King Repeal 2nd Amendment ... It Was Passed to Fight Off Slaves

The former CNN anchor told TMZ on Wednesday that the "poorly written" Second Amendment should definitely be repealed.

Larry King has weighed in on former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens' assertion that student protesters should "demand a repeal of the Second Amendment". Ergo, the amendment's explicit wording affirms that they are the ones allowed the right to bear arms - not just any stoop-shouldered simian that can drag its knuckles to the nearest gun show. When District of Columbia v. Heller asserted an individual's right to bear arms, Stevens said it "provided the NRA with a propaganda weapon of enormous power". Stevens retired from the court in 2010, after more than 35 years.

"The 97-year-old retired justice has long held the opinion that American citizens do not have the individual right to own a firearm for self-protection".

"Rarely in my lifetime have I seen the type of civic engagement schoolchildren and their supporters demonstrated in Washington and other major cities throughout the country this past Saturday", Stevens wrote Tuesday of the weekend's "March for Our Lives" rallies. "Today that concern is a relic of the 18th century." .

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How does Stevens view the amendments of the Constitution, and what leads to such a bold call from a leading legal mind? The amendment then has to be approved by three quarters of the states.

The National Rifle Association also issued a statement in response to Stevens' essay.

Stevens was on the losing end of a 2008 ruling, District of Columbia v. Heller, for which the high court upheld the Second Amendment's right to bear arms for self-defense. If we don't vote out NRA-funded politicians standing in the way of common-sense gun safety legislation, the Second Amendment may be in danger.

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