Spotify and Hulu $12.99 bundle available for US Premium customers

INTRODUCING Resonate’s Global Asian Spotify Playlist Resonate Team10 April 2018FeaturesMusicNews0 Comments

INTRODUCING Resonate’s Global Asian Spotify Playlist Resonate Team10 April 2018FeaturesMusicNews0 Comments

CNN Money reports that 71 million people already pay for the $9.99 Spotify Premium service, who are not able to try out the new team-up offer. Subscribers who pay $9.99 a month get on-demand playback for every song in Spotify's library as well as ad-free listening, two perks that aren't available for those who are listening through free accounts.

Anyone that's an existing Spotify Premium subscriber, at least, with 90 days of additional Hulu Limited Commercials access offered for just $0.99. Starting this summer, customers can purchase a Spotify and Hulu bundle subscription for $12.99 per month.

Sign up to Spotify Premium - You'll need to add your billing details via the PS4 app, where your 10% discount will be applied each month.

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Hulu's standard USA packages are $7.99-per-month for "Limited Commercials" and $11.99-per-month for a completely ad-free experience - although it does offer a month's free trial to new users. The Sweden-based company provides users with DRM-protected content from labels and media companies on a subscription basis. This joint subscription will you get you Spotify's full service, as well as Hulu's entry-level tier. So in the United Kingdom, that brings the price down from £9.99 a month to £8.99, and in the USA it's similarly down from $9.99 to $8.99.

Based on the outstanding performance of the Spotify and Hulu student package, it's clear that consumers love to combine their music and television experiences together.

Hulu's senior VP Tim Connolly agrees that the services Hulu offers dovetail nicely with Spotify. That service, rumors suggest, will be sold as part of an Apple Music subscription or even ship with iOS. Spotify is also one of the biggest music streaming services around, and the most well rounded of the options. In the meantime, you can find out more about the bundle here.

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