A look at safety aboard Boeing 737-700 jets

A look at safety aboard Boeing 737-700 jets

A look at safety aboard Boeing 737-700 jets

A fan blade crack is nearly invisible, impossible for a pilot or aviation mechanic to detect via a visual inspection on the ground.

The move by the Federal Aviation Administration comes almost a year after the engine manufacturer recommended the additional inspections, and a month after European regulators ordered their airlines to do the work.

The FAA said on Wednesday it would finalize the airworthiness directive it had proposed in August within two weeks.

An incident involving a Southwest Airlines flight in 2016 experienced a similar engine failure.

The documents, which are on a US federal website and were viewed by Reuters, reveal the wrangling over previously proposed safety checks on CFM engines that are now the focus of investigations following a fatal engine explosion this week.

She was hauled inside by her fellow passengers nearby but she later died after sustaining critical head injuries.

Clifford is particularly attuned to what forced Flight 1380 to abort its route to Dallas and land instead in Philadelphia. The plane, flight 577, returned safely to Nashville's airport and no passengers were injured. Witnesses said passengers and flight attendants pulled her back. French officials have also said they are travelling to the United States to assist with the investigation. "I do feel for the passengers who have been on rocky flights before".

"If a hole forms [in the fuselage], I guess much like a balloon, that high-pressure air is going to want to expel through that hole to equalise the pressure". Officials are also still trying to figure out how the window came out of the plane, according to The Associated Press.

The crew reported damage to one of the aircraft's engines as well as the fuselage and a window, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The 43-year-old mother of two was a banking executive for Wells Fargo and was in NY for business.

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Investigators said the blade that broke off midflight and triggered the fatal accident was showing signs of metal fatigue - microscopic cracks from repeated use.

That led manufacturer CFM International, a joint venture of General Electric Co. and France's Safran SA, to recommend last June that airlines conduct the inspections of fan blades on many Boeing 737s.

As the plane descended steeply but steadily toward Philadelphia, the cabin was noisy from the open window, but the passengers were mostly quiet, maybe because they had their masks on, said passenger Amanda Bourman, of NY.

- SkyFOX was over Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday morning as the plane that suffered an engine failure this week, killing one woman, was wheeled out of the hanger again. That number could be higher now because more engines have hit the number of flights triggering an inspection.

Southwest is ordering inspections of its entire fleet.

Photos of the plane on the tarmac showed a missing window and a chunk gone from the left engine, including part of its cover. It won't be clear until the FAA issues its rule how many will need inspections.

In an event like Tuesday's accident, an incident causing sudden cabin decompression can mean passengers' air supply is rapidly pulled from the cabin.

A "fatigue crack" in one of the blown engine's fan blades is believed to be the cause of the incident but it is now under investigation. Southwest said it expected to wrap up its inspection of the engines it was targeting in 30 days.

He said the scope of FAA action will depend on whether investigators find fatigue in other fan blades on the broken engine.

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