Apple called the new 2 reasons to switch from Android to iPhone

Quick Update: Snapseed for iOS Finally Updated for iPhone X and its Tall Display

Quick Update: Snapseed for iOS Finally Updated for iPhone X and its Tall Display

This is a minor update for most of us, but for those who had touchscreen issues after installing iOS 11.3, it has been a long time coming.

Despite issuing the fix, Apple has reiterated that customers should not go to anyone other than Apple for screen repairs.

The iOS 11.3.1 update is nowhere as major a software build as the iOS 11.3 package that was created to enhance the user experience by letting users toggle performance throttling and view battery health.

Apple released a bug fixing update to the public today, addressing issues including unresponsive touch input with third-part replacement displays.

WhatsApp now banned for children and teens under 16 in some places
WhatsApp revealed the changes in a blog posting , in which it pointed to the imminent introduction of the tougher privacy laws. If they don't get permission, they'll see a more generic version of Facebook that's not customized based on their data.

Apple follows up its recent iOS 11.3 update with a new release targeting iPhone 8 devices with broken touch screens.

It's unclear whether this or a future update will address the ambient light sensor issues identified on iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus models with genuine Apple screens. Of course, even authorized experts (as Apple calls them) have been affected by this issue, which resulted in this week's release. Apple, of course, fails to mention that Apple certified fix centres and replacement parts are not always easy to find. The update then bought a set of changes in the iOS devices including an updated and improved implementation of an enhanced AR user experience. To be more specific, the update disabled touch functionality on iPhone 8s that were fixed using third-party displays.

The American company Apple continues to release new commercials, which compares your iPhone with the Android competitors. Three of them allow the bad guys to take over your iOS device, while the third would allow UI spoofing, which could also lead to shenanigans.

Users who had gone to a non-Apple company for a screen replacement were affected by the issue and complained that, after downloading the update, their phones completely stopped responding to touch. Details of all the latest security updates can be found on the official Apple support page.

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