West Virginia GOP candidate says McConnell created jobs for 'China people'

West Virginia GOP Senate candidate denies claims that comment was racist

West Virginia GOP Senate candidate denies claims that comment was racist

"If he were to be the nominee, we would instantly squander a viable opportunity, and lose a seat - just like Roy Moore did - we might have been able to win", said Steven Law, president of the McConnell-linked super PAC Senate Leadership Fund. Law was referring to Alabama Republican Roy Moore, a former state Supreme Court judge, who lost a special Senate election previous year.

U.S. Senate candidate Don Blankenship is being criticized for an ad he published Thursday in his bed for the Republican nomination for West Virginia's Congress seat.

In a series of tweets, Trump Jr. said Blankenship was "a train wreck who would guarantee another term for [Democratic incumbent] Joe Manchin".

Earlier Tuesday, Blankenship's campaign released a statement attacking McConnell.

According to the Blankenship campaign, the offender has recently talked to his probation officer, who wasn't concerned about the economic disclosure. "I've been accustomed to dealing with the government bureaucracy, rather than creating it so I have a whole different perspective", said Don Blankenship, (R) Candidate for U.S. Senate. "I've never used a race word".

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"This idea that calling someone a 'Chinaperson, ' I mean, I'm an American-person, I don't see this insinuation by the press that there are something racist about saying a 'Chinaperson, ' " he said in a debate between the candidates on Fox News.

Fox News politics editor joins "The Story" with reaction to the West Virginia GOP Senate primary debate.

"We've actually been able to work with him on his regulatory agenda", said Atty Gen. Patrick Morrisey, (R) Candidate for U.S. Senate. "They are calling me a bigot, a moron, a despicable character, and mentally ill".

A spokesman for the Senate GOP's most powerful super PAC has declined to confirm or deny a connection to Mountain Families PAC, an organization that has invested more than $700,000 attacking Blankenship on television.

James Chao owns the New York-based shipping company Foremost Group. Chao worked in the administrations of presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Chao, he said, is "from China, so we have to be really concerned that we are in truth" putting America's interests first. "They will also not vote for Little Joe (Jenkins) who has been in public office for two decades yet oversees the Congressional district that leads the nation in drug overdose deaths and which is last in economic opportunity".

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