Google will soon be able to write your emails for you

Gmail for iOS now supports sending money with Google Pay & snoozing emails

Gmail for iOS now supports sending money with Google Pay & snoozing emails

Smart Compose will allow Gmail users to quickly draft emails by predicting the greeting and closing as well as common phrases in between. A Smart Suggestions feature will notice through facial recognition that you're browsing through photos that include a specific friend, and it will provide the one-tap ability to share those photos with that person. If you like what it suggests, all you have to do is hit the tab button to autofill the rest of that sentence and start your next one. That means that when you're about to email your upstairs neighbor, Gmail might just suggest "Again, I don't want to nag, but I wish you'd do your gymnastics a bit earlier (or far later) than 2AM".

With the most recent edition of Gmail to get iOS, iPhone consumers will have the ability to benefit from this new snooze button which will permit them to put off mails that they can not read and/or reply straight away. The feature even serves up relevant contextual phrases such as "Have a great weekend!" if you're emailing someone on a Friday. If Spring's just sprung, Smart Compose might suggest "happy Spring!"

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Former I&B Minister Manish Tewari asked the President to reconsider his decision calling the decision unfortunate. Actor Riddhi, the Best Actor victor for the film " Nagarkirtan ", will receive the honour from the President.

"You may see a new photo creation that plays with pops of color". Smart Compose is a little more hands-on, and sits right in the email compose window. To check if you've got access, you'll first need to enable the new Gmail. If you're in the dead of winter, Smart Compose might suggest "stay warm out there!" Smart Compose will be rolled out to Gmail for consumers in the next few weeks, and then to G Suite users in the coming months.

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