Outrage after foul ball tossed to young fan grabbed by adult

Two Cubs fans are getting a lot of slack after taking a ball that was thrown to a kid

Two Cubs fans are getting a lot of slack after taking a ball that was thrown to a kid

But Reddit users discovered through multiple reports from fans that the social media reaction was misguided - the man grabbed a ball for the young boy earlier in the game, which is why the boy has two baseballs in his photo with the Cubs.

The Cubs went on to defeat the St Louis Cardinals 7-2. It was then that, during outfielder Ian Happ's at-bat, a foul ball flew its way into the right-field stands. His grab made the rounds online, eventually gaining the attention of the official Cubs Twitter account.

But Cubs' Puerto Rican star Baez make sure the youngster didn't miss out - and he signed one for him as well.

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However, a later report suggested that the man gained notoriety based on the case of misunderstanding. It turns out, despite social media and earlier reports, the adult fan had already helped the boy get a baseball earlier in the game. As you can see below, the whole goal of the Cubbies was to provide this young kid with a tremendous souvenir. So, who's the real victor? However, the kid did not catch the ball, and it rolled under his seat to the row behind him. After all, he might have a child at home who also wants a baseball. One video clip doesn't show the entire story - but still, always give a ball to a kid.

Kaplan tweeted: "I spoke with people from the Cubs. All is well. Guy is A-OK so let it go people", Kaplan said.

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