Thieves steal Swedish royal family's crown jewels and make getaway by motorboat

A discarded bicycle near the scene of the robberty at the Strangnas Cathedral

A discarded bicycle near the scene of the robberty at the Strangnas Cathedral

The crowns and royal orb had originally belonged to Sweden's King Karl IX and Queen Kristina, who ruled from 1604 to 1611.

The robbers then made their getaway in a motorboat that was waiting a couple of hundred metres away on lake Malaren, Sweden's third biggest lake, police said.

Two men were seen to jump into a motor boat moored just below the church.

The crown jewels were on display in Strangnas Cathedral situated 100 kilometers from Stockholm.

Two people allegedly stole two crowns and an orb used by King Karl IX and Queen Kristina from a cathedral where they were on display, police said in a statement.

"I have talked to a person at the county administrative board that says that it is not possible to put an economic value on this".

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The theft would be logged at Interpol, enabling an global search, TT said. We contacted the police and told them and they told us they had taken something from the cathedral, ' he told Aftonbladet. "It's 1-0 to them right now", the BBC quotes police rep Thomas Agnevik as saying about the men behind the theft of some of Sweden's royal jewels.

'I knew immediately they were burglars because of the way they were behaving.

The motorboat is described as small and open, though its color is now unclear. "We have spoken to witnesses, but we are interested in further information from anyone that has made any observations", he said.

Police sent out a helicopter and boat to hunt for the thieves but found nothing.

The Swedish Royal Family has had three pieces of their priceless crown jewels stolen in a heist straight out of a Hollywood film.

Nobody was hurt during the raid.

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