ESPN's Paul Finebaum on what's next for Urban Meyer

Screenshots: Did Urban lie about knowledge of coach's abuse?

Screenshots: Did Urban lie about knowledge of coach's abuse?

After yesterday's Brett McMurphy report on the text messages that indicate that Meyer was aware of domestic violence allegations against former assistant Zach Smith, the core values graphic in Ohio State's facilities started being passed around.

Urban Meyer is on paid administrative leave until the investigation concludes.

At the time of Smith's firing, Urban Meyer said he never knew about the domestic violence, and that if he had he would have fired Smith a long time ago.

Those are just some of the facts.

This quote came five years after Meyer had learned about an earlier instance of domestic violence between Zach Smith and Courtney Smith, while she was pregnant with one of the couple's children.

The Buckeyes came in at No 3 in the preseason coaches' poll revealed on Wednesday behind Alabama and Clemson, who are No 1 and No 2 respectively. Zach Smith pleaded not guilty last month.

That's yet another detail that makes it hard to believe that Meyer wasn't aware that one of his assistants was, at best, a threat to his ex-wife's well-being, and, at worst, an abusive monster. Courtney Smith claims her ex-husband shoved her against a wall with his hands around her neck.

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What's as disappointing as anything is it seems so many people - not just Urban Meyer - failed her. Courtney said in an interview with Stadium published Wednesday that Shelley told Courtney she would have to tell Urban about the allegations.

It is easy for a member of the media to play armchair quarterback and express righteous indignation because a person in power did not respond in a particular way.

This is a he-said, she-said case and Urban did nothing wrong, they say. I don't blame you!

The special working group will direct the work of the investigative team and be available to provide consultation and advice and assist with communication to the full board on the matter.

"That's at another program that I'm not going to comment on", said Herman when asked if he had discussed the Ohio State situation with the two.

Which is why it's ludicrous to believe that Urban Meyer turned into Sgt. Schultz - the "Hogan's Heroes" character famous for saying "I know nothing".

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