Trump Boosts DeSantis, Scott Ahead of Florida GOP Primary

Congats to Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis on the creepiest ad of the year

Congats to Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis on the creepiest ad of the year

President Donald Trump is calling for voters to show photo identification at the polls, wrongly claiming that's already needed to buy groceries. 'The time has come for voter ID, ' Trump said Tuesday night at a rally in Tampa, Fla., which earned him a roar of approval and sustained applause from the crowd.

Trump was railing against the idea of noncitizens voting and advocating stricter voting laws when he asserted that IDs are required at the supermarket checkout.

Shoppers do need IDs to buy alcohol, some medicines and cigarettes.

"I'm confident that there's an terrible lot of Trump-Putnam voters out there who want a governor who actually understands the challenges facing them and puts them first", said Putnam, who also has lauded Trump's record as president.

"We need more votes", said President Trump. 'In this country, if you want to buy nearly anything, you need ID'.

Trump, almost two years on from his shock election win, presented himself to his closest supporters Tuesday as exactly the same outsider voice of the forgotten man and scourge of political correctness who romped to victory in 2016.

There would be other Trump campaign mentions throughout the 30 second spot. He was set to attend a separate event with Trump at a technical high school to highlight efforts to boost vocational training - and skip the campaign rally.

Trump's freakish and inaccurate claims in support of the laws certainly won't help win much additional support on the issue. He issued a vialed threat about a government shutdown unless congress acts to fully fund a boarder wall.

No coercive action to be taken based on draft NRC, Supreme Court
There has been rhetoric in Assam that there are "illegal" Bangladeshis who will be driven out after the new registration. Will the NRC resolve the citizenship issue? "Adequate and ample scope will be given to people for making objections".

Twitter users wonder if Trump has ever purchased his own groceries after he makes a freaky claim at Florida rally.

"This midterm election will be very much about Donald Trump because Donald Trump is such a big part of our politics right now", said Alex Conant, a Republican political strategist who served as a spokesman on Sen.

"We may have to do some pretty drastic things, but we're gonna get it", he said.

Just a few months ago, DeSantis was way behind in the polls, but is now enjoying a lead, and in some polls, is leading over opponent and current AG Commissioner Adam Putnam.

Going out on the road, where Trump shatters taboos and dodges accountability for his wild misrepresentations, offers him more than the chance to draw energy from those who love him.

He'll be holding a rally later Tuesday to support Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis, who faces off against state Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam in the state's August 28 Republican primary for governor. DeSantis has campaigned with Fox's Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr. and uses humor in a new ad to show his alliance with the president, teaching one of his two children to "build the wall" with blocks.

While Time magazine reports there are certain stores that ask to see identification when someone pays with a credit card, there are no known requirements for purchasing groceries.

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