Trump admits son met Russian for information on opponent

Trump fears his son may have inadvertently gotten into legal trouble report

Trump fears his son may have inadvertently gotten into legal trouble report

This morning, President Trump tweeted out an admission that contradicts over years worth of statements his team has made about the nature of the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

Trump tweeted that his son met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer to collect information about his political opponent.

He concluded by further distancing himself from the meeting his son arranged, writing, "I did not know about it!" "They are very unsafe & sick!"

Email released by Donald Jr. himself showed he had been keen on the meeting because his father's campaign was purportedly being offered potentially damaging information on Clinton.

"I was in the case at that time, what, a couple of weeks and there was a lot of information that was gathering, and as my colleague Rudy Giuliani said, I had bad information at that time and made a mistake in my statement", Sekulow told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos on Sunday's broadcast of This Week.

United States media then reported that the U.S. president had been involved in the initial statement his son issued on the meeting.

Legal experts have often pointed to a possible violation of federal election laws, which ban taking anything of value - which could include information on a political opponent - from a foreign government trying to influence a USA election.

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This is something Trump has said regularly about the Trump Tower meeting, and something he has re-upped now that Michael Cohen is reportedly telling people that Trump did know about it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied allegations by US intelligence agencies that his government meddled and Trump denies collusion, describing the Mueller investigation as a political witch hunt that should be shut down.

"Well, the question is, how would it be illegal?" When it became obvious that the focus of the meeting would not be on Hillary Clinton, Trump Jr. quickly lost interest and the meeting ended soon thereafter.

'I don't represent Don Jr., but I will tell you I have no knowledge at all of Don Jr. being told that he's a target of any investigation, and I have no knowledge of him being interviewed by the special counsel, ' he said.

"When you look at a meeting that took place a year before - now two years ago - the question is, what law, statute, rule or regulation's been violated, and nobody's pointed to one", Sekulow added.

Trump earlier in the day tweeted that the Trump Tower meeting between his son, Donald Trump Jr.

The attorney said that that was when Trump started calling him a "third-rate lawyer". As an analysis by the University of Kentucky Election Law Society clearly explains, under USA law, "any contribution by a foreign national to the campaign of an American candidate for any election, state or national, is illegal", and any campaign of a candidate who accepts foreign aid is committing a crime. Working with a foreign national with the intent of influencing a USA election could violate multiple laws, according to legal experts. And at a trio of rallies, he escalated his already vitriolic rhetoric toward the media, savaging the press for unflattering coverage and, he feels, bias. Trump has seethed against what he feels are trumped-up charges against his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, whose trial began last week and provided a visible reminder of Mueller's work.

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