Friends prank McDonalds with poster kept up for 51 days

Two customers at a McDonald's in Pearland Texas created and hung a fake ad at the restaurant featuring themselves

Two customers at a McDonald's in Pearland Texas created and hung a fake ad at the restaurant featuring themselves

The Asian pair noticed there wasn't a lot of diversity on the walls at the restaurant in Pearland so they chose to create their own poster.

The fake McDonald's poster that 21-year-old student Jevh Maravilla shared on Twitter on Monday is the absolute flawless example of this. They saw a blank wall in June and decided it was the ideal place to put a picture of themselves. "If you haven't noticed there isn't a lot of Asians represented in media and hopefully, some day, I can see someone like me on the big screen." .

'What motivated me was Crazy Rich Asians, the movie that came out, that boosted my confidence into thinking maybe one day I could be just like that, and if I take a step and do something small like this, it could make a difference.

In June, Maravilla and Toledo went to work on their poster. So, they hung up a photo of themselves in a Texas restaurant.

After their giant poster of the photo arrived, Maravilla found an old McDonald's shirt at Goodwill for $7.

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Jevh sought help from friends to finally hang the poster up.

In a YouTube video about the making of the prank, Maravilla says it was really about representation and inspired by the lack of posters in the McDonald's featuring Asian-Americans.

McDonald's did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment as to whether or not the poster will be kept up.

A McDonald's franchisee released a statement on the prank Tuesday, saying, "We take pride in highlighting diversity in every aspect of our restaurants".

Since the poster has been up for 51 days, Maravilla said he hopes the chain would ask them to be representative models.

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