Apple Releases iOS 12 With Performance Improvement, Siri Shortcuts and More

Apple Watch Series 4 Vs Series 3, 44 / 42 mm Vs 40 / 38mm Size Comparison

Apple Watch Series 4 Vs Series 3, 44 / 42 mm Vs 40 / 38mm Size Comparison

A lot of the changes in iOS 12 are under the hood in the form of performance improvements.

Taking a stroll through Apple's Shortcuts app presents all kinds of new possibilities. This is because its banner feature is performance, particularly when under heavy load.

Apple first showed off iOS 12 in early June at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference keynote.

And if you have an iPhone X, you can download an Animoji of your choice. For more details, you should check out this Twitter post. The bedtime Do Not Disturb will dim the display and hide all notifications on the lock screen until a prompt in the morning.

Apple is still going all-in on augmented reality, and iOS 12 pushes things forward with more precise face tracking, better 3D object recognition, and AR integrations in apps.

As expected, today is a big day for Apple in terms of software. The other is to add them from the app itself.

Apple Watch Series 4 Vs Series 3, 44 / 42 mm Vs 40 / 38mm Size Comparison
Don't forget to back up your iPhone or iPad before you download iOS 12

What devices can run iOS 12?

Also, if your iTunes backup is encrypted, then remember you'll need that password if something goes wrong! It can even recognize people in your photos and suggest that you share the photo with them. On top of that, there's a new Walkie-Talkie app that will allow you to use your Apple Watch just like you used to use your old Nextel phone. Normally, downgrading from the beta involves doing a full reset of your device from iTunes, but right now, since iOS 12 beta and general users are on the same version of the software, downgrading just takes a few moments of your time. You can open a new sheet, view a group of sheets or see a single sheet using a custom Siri command.

Among other things, this expanded feature set includes automatic workout detection, fitness competitions, and quicker access to Siri without the need to speak the AI's wake word. You either manually turn it on, or schedule when you want your phone to quit begging for your attention with each new alert.

If you're now running iOS 11.4.1, you get the shortest list of changes and the smallest download.

Apple's newest mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 12, is about to launch. However, make sure you've got proper space on your device, as it'll take up around 2GB of space to initially download. And if you use two-factor authentication-which you should-iOS 12 will even auto-fill two-factor authentication codes that come in as text messages, saving you the hassle. Finally, iPod Touch 6th generation is also compatible with the latest version of iOS 12.

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