UK Labour to vote on second Brexit poll

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attending a rally

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attending a rally

Senior party delegates have agreed on the wording for a motion to be put to the party conference in Liverpool on Tuesday about what the party should do about Brexit if it can not get a general election.

Most of Corbyn's MPs and his younger supporters are in favor of the European Union, but many voters in the party's working-class heartlands back Brexit.

The Sunday Telegraph says Corbyn's comments "pave the way for a significant change in Labour's Brexit policy", and come just two days after Theresa May urged the Labour leader to clarify his position on Brexit, "amid concern that a Labour U-turn could jeopardise any deal reached with Brussels and prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the EU". As delegates gathered, one message was emblazoned on hundreds of T-shirts and tote bags: "Love Corbyn, Hate Brexit".

Labour MP David Lammy said it would be "farcical" to offer a referendum between "no deal or a bad deal".

He added: 'That is what happens when you return the party to the members'.

"Labour have to come to a decision".

The shadow Brexit secretary said all options should be kept on the table, including a so-called People's Vote, to "stop a destructive Tory Brexit".

We will vote down a blind Brexit. Party chiefs will decide later Sunday which motions will be up for debate and votes at the four-day conference.

But he later said "all options" were on the table - a point reinforced by Sir Keir.

"There is a lot of resentment, a lot of bitterness which I don't think will be very easily dispelled and there may be some Labour MPs who eventually leave on the basis of antisemitism issues", Fielding said. Some have said we may vote for a vague deal.

In his interview with the Sunday Mirror, Mr Corbyn said: "I'm not calling for a second referendum".

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"Obviously I'm bound by the democracy of our party".

Labour - which wants the United Kingdom to remain in a customs union but not the single market - has not ruled out voting for any deal Mrs May brings back from Brussels, ahead of the UK's 29 March departure date.

At present, Labour MPs only face "trigger ballots" in which local associated groups get to vote on whether to keep them before a general election.

May has a working majority of just 13 in the 650-seat parliament and a former junior minister said this month as many as 80 of her own lawmakers are prepared to vote against a Brexit deal based on her Chequers proposals.

Labour certainly seems to be preparing for another possible vote, although whether it's a snap election or a second Brexit referendum is the big question.

A source told BBC that there was consensus in the room opposing the Tories' chaotic approach to the Brexit negotiations.

Yet Pro-EU Labour members, including many lawmakers, say the party's ambiguous stance is becoming increasingly untenable as the risk of an economically damaging "hard Brexit" grows.

Does it ensure a strong and collaborative future relationship with the EU?

In the opposing corner, Brendan Chilton of Labour Leave told Reuters: "There are 5 million Labour leavers in the country who will look upon this motion with dismay".

He said: "The leadership knows where the members are and they know where their voters are". But many Labour lawmakers think his old-fashioned socialism is a turnoff for the wider electorate. He has denied it and condemned anti-Semitism, but the furor has angered many Jewish party members and their supporters.

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