Brett Kavanaugh can’t stop shouting ‘I like beer’ at his hearing today

Brett Kavanaugh's yearbook page in which he calls himself the

Brett Kavanaugh's yearbook page in which he calls himself the"treasurer of the"Keg City Club

"I think you've probably had beers, senator".

When Kavanaugh says "almost everyone" his age was drinking, he is right.

Earlier this month, Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University in California, had alleged that Kavanaugh had assaulted her during a party in the 1980s when they were both in high school.

Whatever did or did not happen between Kavanaugh and Ford, this much we know: As a teenager and young man, Kavanaugh drank illegally, and sometimes he drank too much. Klobuchar continued. "That's not happened, that's your answer?" Kavanaugh's bio in the senior yearbook notes that he was a member of the "Keg City Club (treasurer) - 100 Kegs or Bust".

In other words, it was illegal for Kavanaugh to drink as a freshman and the first semester or so of his sophomore year, a period when he, like most of his peers, nevertheless drank. "Have you?" Kavanaugh replied. "We drank beer", Kavanaugh responded to a question about his past intoxication. He said Kavanaugh's testimony about drinking and the drinking age was "for context" of how Maryland high schoolers obtained beer.

You're asking about blackout.

The author of 'Normal Girl, novelist Molly Jong-Fast tweeted, "Brett Kavanaugh will not apologize for loving beer and being an angry drunk". I drank a lot in college, too much on more than a few occasions, but never found myself in a situation where I could not remember what had happened the night before or needed other people's help to piece it together. "You know, we-whatever the chart says, a blood-alcohol chart".

FBI begins investigation into Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations
John Kasich, also a Republican , has likewise called for a delay in the Senate vote on Kavanaugh pending an FBI investigation. Chris Coons, D-Del., to come talk in a small private room off the hearing room dais. "I want to know what happened", he said.

Klobuchar: Drinking is one thing, but the concern is about truthfulness and in your written testimony you said sometimes you had too many drinks. Roche said he was inclined to believe Ramirez and thought Kavanaugh was capable of behaving that way.

During the hearing, Klobuchar had said she understands alcohol abuse, as her father is an alcoholic, and asked Kavanaugh if he'd ever blacked out while drinking.

"You should look at what I said. you should assess his credibility with that in mind", Kavanaugh said.

"I started my last colliloquy by saying to Senator Klobuchar how much I respect her and what she said at the last hearing".

"She asked me a question me at the end, and I responded by asking her a question, and I'm sorry I did that, this is a tough process, I'm sorry about that", Kavanaugh said. So I entered college an underage drinker, became legal in September 1984, and a year later became illegal again, a status that lasted for a year. "I'm sorry about that".

"And I appreciated that he apologized, but at the same time, he didn't really answer the question. I was truly just trying to get to the bottom of the facts and the evidence", Kavanaugh said.

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