Times says it was wrong to have writer on Kavanaugh story

John Hain

John Hain

According to a New York Times report, Brett Kavanaugh, coming from a UB40 concert, got into an altercation after mistaking a man for the lead singer of the band. According to an NBC News report on Monday, Kavanaugh and his team were aware of the allegation before it went to press and sought to coordinate behind the scenes to refute it.

The alleged victim of the incident, Dom Cozzolino, was reportedly hit in the ear by Dudley.

The police report reported that it was ice, not a bottle, but law enforcement was alerted, and Kavanaugh - who attended a prep school with its own nine-hole golf course - was questioned but not arrested.

Sanders said on Twitter, pointing to a tweet from New York Times reporter Emily Bazelon in July disassociating herself from praise of Kavanaugh.

When the man told the group to leave him alone, Kavanaugh allegedly cursed and "threw his beer at the guy, " which led to a fight.

In the midst of Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the US Supreme Court a story appeared in an American newspaper alleging the judge got into a bar fight back in the 80s over West Midlands reggae outfit UB40.

A one-time classmate of Mr Kavanaugh said he was a habitual heavy drinker, challenging the judge's Senate testimony to the contrary.

Ludington has said he was willing to share his account with the FBI, which is conducting a one-week investigation in the wake of the hearing. Kavanaugh was a junior at Yale at the time.

When asked on Fox News last Sunday and by members of Congress, Kavanaugh denied ever becoming heavily intoxicated or blacking out from drinking. There is no indication that charges were filed, and the report did not say whether anyone was arrested.

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Charles Ludington said that he was "deeply troubled" by the judge's "blatant mischaracterisation".

According to a 1985 police report obtained by the Times, Mr Kavanaugh was involved in an altercation at a bar when he was an undergraduate student at Yale University. Kavanaugh and a classmate, Chad Ludington, misidentified a bar patron as UB40's then-frontman Ali Campbell.

He said: "Sometimes I had too many beers, sometimes others did".

"If there's 10 people that they interview that say he drank to the point where he couldn't stand up or he was intoxicated to the point where he passed out, that will go to his credibility for honesty and integrity", Stuber said.

CNN has reached out to the White House for reaction to Roche's comments.

"I never saw Brett black out or not be able to remember the prior evening's events, nor did I ever see Brett act aggressive, hostile, or in a sexually aggressive manner to women", Dan Murphy said in a statement Monday. "And when I see what's going on it's scary".

"He had a little bit of difficulty, he talked about things that happened when he drank", Mr Trump said.

"I was with Brett frequently in college, whether it be in the gym, in class or socializing".

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