Kavanaugh accuser Ford nominated for UNC award for her ‘courage’ and ‘inspiration’

Is It the End of the Line for Susan Collins?

Is It the End of the Line for Susan Collins? tweet

News of Collins's key vote was a strong blow to opponents of the controversial Kavanaugh, including sexual assault victims and their allies who view his impending nomination as a referendum on the #MeToo movement and its limits.

Collins told Bash that while she found Ford's testimony "heart-wrenching", the fact that both Ford and Kavanaugh said they were "100 percent certain" of their statements meant that she had to look to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for additional corroborating evidence. "You put ME and our country first - thank you". Susan Collins, whose decision to support Brett Kavanaugh was key to his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

"We're taking back Maine's Senate seat, and claiming it for someone who knows how to listen to her constituents", tweeted Mainers for Accountable Leadership, which organized protests at Collins' office.

Kavanaugh is expected to appear on the Supreme Court bench for the first time Tuesday as the court will hear arguments in three criminal cases regarding the so-called three-strikes law, which applies a 15-year mandatory minimum to federal offenders with three previous convictions, Politico reported. Obama was considering nominating Rice to lead the State Department during his second term, but she withdrew her nomination after she became embroiled in the controversy over American deaths at a diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Her accomplishment is to be an alumna of integrity, who despite great personal cost to herself and her family told her story of her sexual assault and emboldened others to also find the courage to speak out against injustice.

She said that Democrats will try to "put a complete halt" to the positivity the country has seen under President Trump if they gain control of the House and Senate in November.

Luis Severino of New York Yankees -- Warm-up routine not rushed
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The former Obama aide's connection to ME has already emerged as a central issue.

While her vote spurred criticism, Collins was cheered by Republicans including past and former presidents. She called it "the most hard in the 22 years that I've been honored to represent the state of Maine in the Senate". The many indignities that women experience in their day-to-day lives is proof of this, as is the continued attacks on Dr. Blasey Ford after her testimony. And if she's willing, she should give testimony too.

Rice also said her family "goes back generations" in ME and that she's owned a home in the state for the last 20 years. "They are not living at home". People took to social media, urging others not to support Maine's economy while Collins still serves as Maine's US senator, some even using #boycottmaine.

Not far away, 86-year-old Judy Halpert recalled walking to school with Rice's mother, whom she called a close friend.

Ho said she did not expect the level of "trolling" she's had with the petition. "Therefore I do not believe that these charges can fairly prevent Judge Kavanaugh from serving on the court", Sen.

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