Over 1 million USA customers without power after Michael

Weakening Hurricane Michael Swirls Over North Carolina in Satellite Images

Weakening Hurricane Michael Swirls Over North Carolina in Satellite Images

The death toll stood at 13 across the South.

Gulf Power officials announced Sunday that they expect to have power restored to 95 percent of those hit by Hurricane Michael by October 24 - or two weeks after the storm hit, leaving a trail of ruins across the region.

Mexico Beach police chief, Anthony Kelly, said it was tough to get people to leave their homes as the hurricane approached.

"I didn't recognize nothing".

"Basically everything has shut down", he said, adding that there are "too many people on the same service". He spoke as his team was winding down its two-day search.

"When we pulled into Mexico Beach, she was trying to jump out the window because she smelled so many bodies", he said.

Authorities have set up distribution centers to dole out food and water to victims.

Some supplies were brought in by trucks, while others had to be delivered by helicopter because roads had yet to be cleared of debris.

"A lot of what we have been able to do is to ensure that people have those basic needs of water and food", Tezel said. Additional volunteers from Jewish communities around the US and Canada will be added to those teams, according to Yotam Polizer and Navonel Glick, IsraAID co-CEOs.

MEXICO BEACH, Fla. Rescuers intensified efforts today to find survivors who might be trapped amid the ruins of a small Florida Panhandle community almost obliterated by Hurricane Michael, where one body has already been recovered, tempers are flaring, and the electric utility is warning that power could be out for weeks.

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Whether any of them got out at some point was unclear.

They have received thousands of calls asking about missing people, but with cell phone service out across a wide area, they found it impossible to know who among those unaccounted for were safe but were just unable to dial out to friends or family.

Florida Governor Rick Scott tweeted on Saturday that millions of meals and gallons of water are already on the way to the impacted communities.

"We are not completely done". Emergency officials said they had completed an initial "hasty search" of the devastation, looking for the living or the dead, and had begun more careful inspections of ruined buildings. Some barely escaped with their lives as homes were pushed off their foundations and whole neighbourhoods became submerged.

Brock Long, the head of the country's Federal Emergency Management Agency, said the death toll in Mexico Beach could rise, as rescue workers continue to search the rubble left behind by the storm.

"We still haven't gotten into the hardest-hit areas", he said.

Long expressed worry that people have suffered "hurricane amnesia". "Building codes at the local and state level are the key to resiliency, not a bigger FEMA", he said.

On the Panhandle, Tyndall Air Force Base "took a beating", so much so that Col Brian Laidlaw told the 3,600 men and women stationed on the base not to come back.

The concern was for people who ignored evacuation orders ahead of the storm - which grew with surprising speed from a tropical storm into an extremely powerful hurricane in less than two days - and who stayed put in communities that were demolished by Michael's assault on Wednesday.

The hurricane's eyewall passed directly overhead, severely damaging almost every building and leaving many a complete loss.

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