Google releases Chrome 70, letting you install PWAs on Windows 10

Google to charge for apps on Android phones in Europe

Google to charge for apps on Android phones in Europe

But the full-featured version of the Android OS has required device makers to pre-install a package of Google's apps like Search and Chrome.

The changes are in response to a almost $5 billion fine levied at Google by the European Commission. It said Google has used Android as a vehicle to increase its domination in the search domain.

Google has appealed the decision, arguing that the EU's accusations were unfounded, but on Wednesday said it would comply with the decision in order to avoid further fines.

Now that all Android software isn't free, only time will tell if device makers will ask consumers to cover the cost of licensing fees. Since Google can't force its apps on smartphone manufactures anymore, it is now finding another way to create revenue with the help of a licensing fee.

Manufacturers taking on Google Play and other Google services such as Gmail, YouTube and maps, can also install the Google Search app and the Chrome browser free of charge.

Google refused to specify the amount of the license fee or whether manufacturers would pass it along to customers.

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The move comes as a direct result of the European Commission's July ruling, which fined Google a massive $5 billion for what were deemed to be antitrust violations.

Today Google has outlined how it will respond to the European ruling, in addition to appealing against it. "And of course, we remain deeply committed to continued innovation for the Android ecosystem". Google is also going to sell a separate license for Android device makers that want to use Google Search and Chrome but pair those with services from Google competitors.

"We'll be working closely with our Android partners in the coming weeks and months to transition to the new agreements", Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google senior vice president, said in a blog post.

The app will then show up in the Start Menu and pretty much work like you'd expect a native app made for Windows to function.

This only applies in Europe, though, as it's a result of the European Union ruling that Google used anti-competitive business practices.

"The big challenge for phone-makers is to try to replicate the success that Apple has had with monetising its devices after they have been bought, which it has done by selling services such as iCloud storage and Apple Music".

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