Major League Baseball clears Astros of sign stealing: ‘We consider the matter closed’

Houston Astros Employee Accused Of Suspicious Activity During Game 1 vs. Red Sox

Houston Astros Employee Accused Of Suspicious Activity During Game 1 vs. Red Sox

The Astros have denied the accusation that there was any intent to cheat by, say, trying to crack the hand signals the Sox were using to communicate.

Major League Baseball chief communications officer Pat Courtney offered the Metro Times a statement via email, which said, "We are aware of the matter and it will be handled internally".

Houston manager AJ Hinch and Red Sox manager Alex Cora both said after Boston's 8-2 win Tuesday night in Houston they had heard about the alleged incident.

Speaking with reporters ahead of Tuesday's ALCS Game 3, Cora likened the series with a famous college football rivalry that was pretty heated throughout the years: Miami and Florida State.

Major League Baseball said it was contacted by "a number of Clubs" to express concerns about sign stealing and how video equipment was being used, and that it has reminded all playoff teams of the rules and established new practices regarding the use of video during games. "I'm anxious about the game".

Sherman reported that the man involved in the incident was an Astros employee, but additionally reported that he had been monitoring the dugout to see if Boston was improperly using a video monitor.

'Somebody mentioned (it) to me right now. 'They'll do what they have to do.

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According to Yahoo Sports, the Athletics also were suspicious of the Astros in August.

The Indians, who were swept by Houston and eliminated in the first round for the second straight year, were concerned the man was attempting to view scouting reports Cleveland had on Houston's players, one person said.

MLB's statement confirms McLaughlin, the Astros employee, was monitoring the other team's dugout to ensure they were not violating any rules. Two people familiar with the situation said the Astros tried to get a second person next to the dugout after the employee was removed by security.

Passan writes that the league has not punished the Astros for any illegal behavior following the investigation.

He also noted that he doesn't believe MLB's investigation is completely closed.

The Indians had been upset when an unidentified man, who had been issued a credential before the October 8 game in Cleveland, appeared to be trying to view scouting reports in the team's dugout on Houston's players, one person told AP.

The Red Sox Game 3 win in Houston lasted almost four hours, which is long for a baseball game, although postseason contests are often so lengthy.

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