New study claims data harvesting among Android apps is "out of control"

SHAREit partners with Google Play to help keep users safe when peer-to-peer sharing

SHAREit partners with Google Play to help keep users safe when peer-to-peer sharing

The report states that Android users have complained about the issue since May, and note that the app has been downloading gigabytes of media data in the background.

Some users also report that the app used up their carrier data even when the "Download over Wifi" was turned on.

Google News seems to have been affected by a bug that is causing the app to use massive amounts of data without the knowledge of its users. This reaped millions of dollars in ad revenue from companies paying to advertise with in-app ad networks - including those ran by Google itself.

Due to costly data and poor internet connections, many users, especially from emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Africa, Brazil etc. sometimes have trouble downloading apps directly from Google Play.

The report, which first appeared in the Financial Times (paywalled) suggests that almost 90 per cent of free apps are leaking data back to Alphabet which can then be used in the increasingly cut-throat world of online advertising. So we have to wait for the update. It was a major overhaul and was replacing the Google News & Weather app that was pre-installed on most Android smartphones for a number of years. Google followed suit by bundling in the Digital Wellbeing app with Android Pie. This app includes a feature that allows the user to set maximum limits for the amount of mobile data that can be used, preventing overage charges.

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Infecting the Google Play Store right now are a slew of fake crypto mining apps. However, this issue with the background data in Google News is quite serious and something that Google definitely needs to get fixed.

Xender, a popular P2P sharing app, Files Go, a rising file sharing app owned by Google, are two soon-to-be added partners to help make offline file sharing work on the Play Store.

It's a bug to say the least, embarrassing for the users who touch the application Google News. A extreme case stated that the user had to cough up as much as $385 where he saw Google News absorbing nearly 25GB of data.

For European users, the findings raise the issue of how these applications comply with GDPR and how the data is shared beyond the EU, which forbids the transfer of citizen data to counties deemed not to have privacy safeguards equivalent to those in Europe.

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