Stricter drinking rules eyed after JAL debacle at Heathrow:The Asahi Shimbun

Japanese pilot is arrested for being drunk ahead of flight from Heathrow

Japanese pilot is arrested for being drunk ahead of flight from Heathrow

The Yomiuri ShimbunA Japan Airlines copilot was arrested by British police after he was found to have alcohol levels more than 10 times Britain's legal limit immediately before a flight from London's Heathrow Airport to Tokyo's Haneda Airport, the airline announced Thursday.

Japan Airlines officials said they believed the pilot had tampered with the test to hide his drinking.

JAL executives told reporters that the co-pilot cleared an in-house breath test but aroused the suspicion of a bus driver taking him to the plane from Heathrow airport on Sunday.

A Japan Airlines pilot who was arrested for being drunk was nearly 10 times over the legal blood alcohol limit for a pilot, police said.

He had reportedly consumed two bottles of wine and more than 1.8 litres (nearly four U.S. pints) of beer over six hours on the night before the flight.

JAL said the flight was delayed more than one hour and had to be operated by the remaining two pilots.

The Japan Times reported that the London case comes after All Nippon Airways apologized for five flight delays in Okinawa last week because a pilot became unwell after a night of drinking.

Jitsukawa had nearly 189 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood in his system, which is nearly 10 times the permissible 20 mg for a pilot.

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He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on November 29.

Japan Airlines co-pilot arrested after failing a breath test shortly before a London to Tokyo flight pleaded guilty today to being nearly 10 times over the legal limit for alcohol.

The Japan Airlines plane departed London after a delay of one hour and 9 minutes.

In an interview conducted by JAL just after his release, the copilot said he consumed more than two bottles of wine and more than 1.8 liters of beer by himself at a bar and in a hotel room where he stayed for about six hours until 20 hours before the flight.

The normal legal limit for driving in the United Kingdom would be 80 milligrams per liter.

JAL had prohibited its pilots from drinking alcohol 12 hours before getting on their flights.

Following the two incidents, the transport ministry urged airline companies to strictly comply with rules on drinking.

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