Fortnite Patch 6.22 Introduces Heavy AR, Team Terror & Blitz LTM

Fortnite's gorgeous Cube event sends players into a crazy void

Fortnite's gorgeous Cube event sends players into a crazy void

Thankfully, soon fans of the popular battle royale game will be able to represent their favorite teams during games, including the Minnesota Vikings.

Similar to the Epic and Legendary AR (which we all know is, and call, a Scar), the Heavy AR is inspired by another real world weapon, the AK47 - a gun that's featured in nearly every shooter game, ever. It deals 44 (Rare)/46 (Epic)/48 (Legendary) damage and has a fire rate of 3.75, holding a magazine size of 25.

The new weapon landing in Fortnite this week is the Heavy Assault Rifle.

"Fortnite" will also have NFL-themed gliders, emotes and resource harvesting tools.

USA Today states that the update will be available on Friday, Nov. 9 at 7 pm ET and the jerseys will appear in the game's Battle Royale item shop.

A new LTM has also been added this week called Team Terror which uses the monsters from the Fortnitemares event.

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The football craziness isn't just for skins, however. Epic Games' latest mobile-centric development update could be cause for celebration for all screen-tapping types, especially the ones who wish they could be twiddling thumbsticks instead. Floor loot spawns have also been increased by 15%, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding a weapon, even if it may not be a rare and powerful one.

Fortnite first arrived on mobile devices back in April and a common feature request from dedicated players has remained since then: controller support.

The skins are the result of a new collaboration between Fortnite and the National Football League, and I'm sure we will see plenty more joint ventures between the two parties in the near future.

Alongside this Blitz mode makes a return for a limited time. The map also has extra loot and resources. Defeat the other team to earn a Victory Royale.Mode DetailsTwo teams of 32 players. However, the new mode involves more players. The outfits will be available for purchase from Fortnite's in-game store, but Epic hasn't announced pricing details yet.

Save the World players are also getting some love with the Fortnite 6.22 update (1.91).

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