Embattled Broward County Elections Supervisor Suggests She'll Step Down

Trump urges Florida to end vote recount and hand elections to Republicans

Trump urges Florida to end vote recount and hand elections to Republicans

Scott appoints the state's chief election official responsible for ordering recounts.

Around 85 ballots have been damaged during the recount process causing them to be unreadable by the tabulation machines.

As the vote counts tightened last week, Murphy checked the Palm Beach County elections website and saw his mail-in vote was scrapped because of an invalid signature.

"Our focus throughout this recount, everything we've done, is meant to enforce adherence to existing laws", said Tim Cerio, an attorney with the Scott campaign.

The lawsuit from Nelson and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee could determine how thousands of now disputed ballots are counted. Lawsuits have been filed over numerous ballot disqualification rules, recount timetables, and whether GOP Gov. Rick Scott-who leads the Senate race by 12,500 votes-can sit on a panel that will certify who wins his race, as well as forcing all 67 counties to save digital images of every ballot cast.

You see, some high-ranking officials - including the president - are claiming that there was "voter fraud" in the state, despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence of any such thing, and Scott's own election monitors agree with this conclusion. A Broward County judge challenged anyone who has evidence of fraud to file a report.

Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican who leading Mr. Nelson, has said he suspects shenanigans in the counting, particularly after the elections supervisor in Broward County took days to do the initial count, ignored statutory deadlines for updating information on the status of votes, and was accused of polluting the ballots by mixing bad ones in with good ones.

Trump, who has already lashed out over the recount, added to the growing partisan firestorm by arguing without evidence that some people unlawfully participated in the election by dressing in disguise. "When we can't trust our elections, we don't have a democracy".

Schumer said he believes the consequences of a full counting will be a Nelson comeback victory, which is why Republicans "are trying to shut down the election".

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Broward County officials say the department's high-speed tabulators have the ability to process 68,000 ballots per hour with machines operating at optimum capacity, putting the county on track to finish its recount. They place stacks of ballots into feeders that run through several per second. "And then they'll pick up on some of the other sorting that needs to be done".

Trump on Tuesday called on Democratic Nelson to admit that he lost his re-election bid.

"Unless relief is granted, scores of Florida voters will be unconstitutionally disenfranchised because, in deciding whether to count or reject these ballots, local canvassing boards will apply two demonstrably unconstitutional rules for determining a voter's intent on a ballot", the lawyers write in the filing, arguing that the secretary of state's rules "arbitrarily treat similarly situated voters differently and will result in the disproportionate rejection of ballots cast by language minorities and those with limited literacy". "The characters running Broward and Palm Beach voting will not be able to "find" enough votes, too much spotlight on them now!" But in one instance Walker touted the importance of voting and decisions like the one he is being asked to make, because they essentially decided a presidential election in 2000 that led to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Both candidates are buying Facebook and Google ads to criticize each other over the recount, while also using the debate to raise funds from supporters. He aggressively campaigned in the state, putting his finger on the scales of the Republican gubernatorial primary this summer by endorsing DeSantis.

White House spokeswoman Mercedes Schlapp said Tuesday the president "obviously has his opinion" on the recount.

"It's been incredibly frustrating to watch".

"It's just plain wrong".

A federal judge says he is unlikely to let Florida election officials automatically count thousands of mail-in ballots that have signatures that do not match those on file.

There is a precedent for that argument in Florida-the one U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the justices said should never be cited in another election case.

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